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"One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself, but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is." - Norman Vincent Peale

Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Fun...Deer In The Headlights

Yesterday, my friend Kenny, who I met randomly through another friend at my university and realized he needed a brother-figure, called me to inform me he'd be passing through my great city en route to the cesspool of sin formally known as ATLanta with his friend Marcus in tow. [Disclaimer: I love ATL, but I'm just bitter because I haven't been able to go down and see my friends and kick it in a few weeks.] After chilling at my temporary home for a while, somehow I get sucked into going to ATL, too!

Me: "Damn, Kenny, I'd go but I just can't do it right now."
Kenny: "That's okay, brother; you need gas money? Here's gas money."
Me: "Okay.....and what about club admission? Drinks?"
Kenny: "We going to the liquor store when we get there."
Me: "I'll go pack a bag...."
(Clearly I should've kept my a** at home.)

After a fun drive down I-75, cruising and doing Car Karaoke to such great songs as Solange's "Sandcastle Disco" and Brandy's "Camouflage," we arrived at the hotel and immediately began preparations to embark on some random fun. Now on Thursdays in the A, there are (3) venues to choose from; by default (and b/c it was close), we chose Bulldogs. [See, I really should've stayed home...] Of course, since I'm the one that knows Atlanta the best, it was an unspoken fact I was going to be driving. So I had my shot of Bacardi before we left, since I couldn't drink a lot when we go to the club. Got there, got drinks, meandered around the masses, you know the drill...then the interesting stuff begins to unfold. I'm walking around solo for no reason & a nigga shorter than I am stepped to me and attempted to coerce me into a sex session with him and his four friends. WHERE they do that at?! Now, I won't front, the short dude was a lil' feminine (and that's okay), but damn he was attractive - not cute - and he had a swag that was too big for someone 5"3! One of the group members asked me for my number, and I pull out the Blackberry and the group goes ballistic! [They all have BlackBerries as well.] We exchanged PINs and I told 'em I'd BBM one of them later (this was a white lie). [And this n***a is messaging me right now!!]

More dancing ensued, and eventually the lights illuminated the darkest corners to allow you to see what real trolls were on the hunt. Haven't you noticed that when you're at the club, someone can be cute in the dark, but when the lights come on, you clearly realize its the alcohol impairing your damn vision. I KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! LOL! Breaking into the early morning light after the fun-filled evening, the crew and I attempted to walk back to the car without giving the appearance we were inebriated....it was a sight to see. Upon arrival back to the car, I was stunned to discover I'd left the car key dangling in the lock - for three hours. Deeeeeeeeeeeeep. So we had a quick praise session, giving God the glory for having His hand over the car. We depart the parking lot and proceed down West Peachtree Street en route back to the hotel. As we were crossing over 10th Street, we simultaneously screamed noticing a car heading East on West Peachtree, right for us! NOTE: West Peachtree Street is a one way street. I dodged the idiot and regained my bearing and continued on to the hotel. And then, I was hit with the craving for a hot dog from the QT. [Hot dogs from the QT be phi!] Satisfied my craving, safely got us back to the room and we all proceeded to pass out.

Oh, what a random night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freedom, Bondage, and the Cyclone in the Midst

Okay, first off, I express my deepest apologies to myself; for neglecting to blog in a timely fashion. But I have been readjusting to the new chapter I've begun writing through some fault of my own...and now, what you've all been waiting for: the updates!

The Definition and I are in a weird place, but he randomly called like two weeks ago and explained to me why he is where he is when it comes to matters of the heart. Apparently he's given up on relationships....clearly, its only a matter of time before either 1) I fizzle, or 2) he fizzles. Somebody likes somebody and last time I checked, we like each other. What's the deal with everyone having commitment issues?! If it works, GREAT! If it doesn't, I learned a lot. You'll never know the results unless you take the chance. So we're still floating title less, but it's working (for now)....

Now - about my mom and my sister - three words: I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ That's right, you read it right; I am finally free after sixteen months of riding my coattails, mooching my money, and continuously invading my privacy and life.....Whoo, I had to shout for a moment. THANK YA! ~ So I went to the apartment complex's office on February 22nd to (so I thought) renew my lease (which I did not want to do). Well, my community manager happily informed me that I was not being afforded the opportunity to renew my lease, as I was in violation of it: Unauthorized Tenants [Sec. 4, Para. 6] and that I can vacate the premises at my leisure - as long as I departed prior to March 2nd, or I'd have to pay another month's rent. Now, where do they do this at? Oh, and I was not receiving my security deposit back.
~ I go home to deliver this blow to the heart to the family....and in the end, this woman had somewhere else to stay before I was finish telling the story! WTH?????? As I'm talking and expressing my personal anguish, crying because this s**t is literally f**king my life up, SHE is texting her boyfriend (well, the dude who should be her boyfriend, but she keep ac'kin dumb about it) and this nigga said, "Y'all can come stay with me." Rick is a young man, ambitious and humble, living in a 2 bedroom apartment downtown in the Historic District with himself and his dog, Pepper. WTF you didn't go stay with ol' boy when all this s**t wit' y'all jumped off in the first place!!!!????? Damn, damn, damn! [Breathe, T, breathe]. Oh, well.................what's done is done, but I'll be damned if I ever extend a hand to anymore relatives.....I swear fo' L'awd! This past year and a half has slick made the KiD (me) bitter and stone-cold on some facets of my persona. I pray I can reach some level of normalcy again.
~ And in case you're wondering, on March 1st, I was granted the blessing of TEMPORARILY moving back into my teenage room at my grandparents' house, who "graciously" welcomed me home with a get2gether, while informing I had to attend church every Sunday I was in town (not optional), purchase my own personal food (and buy staples for the house), and that I had until the summer to move out. I must vacate by June 5th.....on the plus side: I'm free, b****! And I live 2 minutes from work now....and my blood pressure dropped 6 points in a week [my doctor said, "Its amazing how fast that happened!]. I can't begin to describe what and how I feel....I am...relieved. So, onward to getting a new place....I will be out before my deadline. TRUST.

So, also in the midst of all this, some random person I met through some other friends while on one of my not-so-sporadic trips back "home" to ATL found me on MySpace two months ago! And I would've mentioned it sooner, but it wasn't as important then. Now we are communicating daily, and it's going well. Now, before you say anything - I hate conversing with more than one person ["talking to" 2-6 ppl is so "How To Be A Player]. But, chemistry is chemistry. And this person and I are on some synonymous type s**t. I shall code-name him 'Freeze.' (You'll find out why in a minute.) THE PROBLEM: He lives in ALASKA.

In addition to this chaos, factor in finding another job (so I can quit the hotel), dealing with the fact my brother's moving to Texas for pharmacy school, and that equals a heavy hearted T.J. Ugh! Can J'hontaivius take over for a while, because I need a break and a cocktail.

Me: "Hello, waiter; can I get a "Walk Me Down (Sweet Jesus)?"

So, here I am, and finally, this moment is mine (again)!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Quick Hit

So much has changed since my last post......When the dust settles and the smoke clears, I'll be back to give you the full 411. Promise. And you're going to be blown away :)