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"One of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself, but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is." - Norman Vincent Peale

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Man Down Situations

Sorry about the delay in posting; you know life and work will devour you if you don't run fast enough.

First order of business: So Mom and sister still reside with me, and because of this I did what I thought was right - I claimed them on my taxes - both of them, providing proper paperwork showing I have been their source of financial support and the IRS agreed. So cool, some extra $$! But only my mom could turn this into a classic moment.

Mom: "So, you claimed us on your taxes right?"
Me: "Yes, ma'am." [This conversation's about to get ignorant....]
Mom: "How much we getting back?"
Me: "We?"
Mom: "I mean, you wouldn't be getting nothing back if you wouldn't have carried us..."

As if I don't work 30-40 hours a week and attend classes! Like I'm just chillin' and collecting a welfare check or something! The audacity.....wait, wait, wait....this is my mother....the woman who gave me life, so I paused and prayed then walked away...and when I received my refund I thoroughly pissed off the masses by only depositing $500 into her bank account. I got blessed out so bad, I had to go holla at my girl and smoke a blunt - something I rarely do!!

Moving on.

Valentine's Day....I prefer the term "Single Awareness Day," referencing the fact that Valentine's Day is exploited to the point that if you're not in a relationship, you're a loser - which is why for the past three years I've promoted 'Single Awareness Day' and went out w/ other singles and toasted the concept of being one w/ one's self, and not in a state of insanity (a/k/a "love), and this year was no different. Yes, I am talking to a man I thought was "The Definition," but he's been going through some personal struggles and has just started back consistently communicating with me after a two week hiatus. The Definition is one of those people who get down and like to go sit in a closet til they get their problems worked out....so, I don't know what's going to happen with us. And it's already hard as we live in different cities (though he's just an hour and a half away, the distance takes a toll....especially on "those days"). So since he's doing his thing, I continued on with my normal plans: went to ATL and got up with my best friends, drank, danced like the world was ending, and bashed him to kingdom come verbally for having me alone on Valentine's Day - wait, I meant "Single Awareness Day."

Now, riddle me this: was I wrong for going to grab brunch with someone on that day? I mean, it was two people who were respectively desiring pancakes? Yes, someone may or may not "like" someone in the party, but that has yet to be verified. It may well not be....

While in ATL, I went to see the man I'd thought was going to be my undoing last year during Spring Semester....I will deem him, "VA." Though we aren't romantically linked, we still keep tabs on each other - no explanation why. I know why I do [because I refuse to let him settle down with someone who isn't as awesome as me], and this weekend he told me what I wanted to hear almost a year ago:

VA: "There are four people I want with me on Tuesday for my birthday, and you are number one."

Too bad he and I both knew I wasn't going to be in town; I got all four wisdom teeth extracted Monday morning at 10:45AM, hence my blogging at 1:52AM now because I've sleep all day from the drugs and last night's Charmed marathon. I'm watching the entire series since I'm off work for a week....I killed Season 4-5 in a day. I skipped Seasons 1-3....because I saw them and I don't care for the 'Prue' character - she needed therapy.

Well, that's all to discuss right now.....later days, and this moment is mine.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Things About Prodigal Soul

By popular demand and continuous pestering, I've decided to submit and publish this ridiculous list of personal information I'm weary to share:
*You know the rules...I shall not be copy/pasting them. Let's begin....

1. I am selfish as all get out. Despite my outward appearance and offers of assistance in a situation, secretly I'm just being nice and praying you say "No" so I can go about my way. This is not entirely true, but sometimes, I just don't be wanting to hear it/do it/see it/ go with you.

2. My favorite spirit is the Holy Spirit. My second favorite is the spirit of Bacardi; in all forms, shapes, and sizes - except for that 151....I dont' drink lighter fluid straight.

3. You can get me to cosign to anything with the promise of food on the horizon. Or Oreos. I once drove someone round trip from Chattanooga to Nashville and back in exchange for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - J. Alexander's. I got to order whatever I wanted. Grand total of the check: $73.41

4. I play the role of the black geek, but underneath the guise is the soul of a freak. I'm very adventurous...and I shall leave it at that.

5. When I was nine years old, I made out with a girl for the first time. Her name was ___________ _________ and I instantly knew we'd just be together forever...what the hell was I thinking?

6. Most people in this day and age cherish family, good friends, and the one they love. Not me. Give me my laptop, an iPod, and my Blackberry....I think I'll manage.

7. Rebuttal to number 6 - I love my family to death, but if you'd have to have had to endure the year I had, you'd need a break from your mom, too! [Message me about this one. Trust me, its quite the tale]

8. I've got a long-lost brother I'm searching for. You know how "Dads" are. And mine was in the Army, but thankfully he only made one additional child (so he says). I know his alleged name (Timothy James Perry) his mom's maiden name (Jacqueline Perry) and that he's from Maryland, and that his grandparents at one point lived in Seat Pleasant, MD. I thought I'd found him on Facebook (of ALL places!) but I wrong....maybe.

9. I occasionally "medicate" via herbs. I am not ashamed about this. It's natural, and from the

10. Daydreaming is my enemy. I will zone out on you in a minute and go my fantasy world where all in right, and I don't have to deal with certain things....like bills.

11. When I was 13, I was introduced properly to the art form of....you know. It resulted in the creation of a monster.

12. I have read the entire Karma Sutra twice, studied the arts of Tartaric sex, and started buying an ice cream cone a day to practice the skill that would make me famous....and this was in high school.

13. I have friends, but my actual true circle of friends I communicate with inconsistently, yet when they call I'm so there - and vice versa. Well, I'm going to be late. But I'm coming!

14. I ain't never (that's right, I said it) on time for anything! Count it all joy if I show up 5 minutes late. But I'm doing better. My boss noticed it even. Now, I actually have to be on time for work since she sees it's possible.

15. My closet is organized from left to right as follows: jeans (by designer and denim color),
khakis, dress pants, belts, ties (on a rotating tie rack), vests (by cut and color), short-sleeve T-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, short-sleeved polos, short-sleeved button-ups, long-sleeve button-ups, blazers, light jackets. All by 1) designer, and 2) color. And I did this BEFORE I went to the Army....

16. Monk on USA is my unofficial hero....I have acute OCD. Ask anyone. I haven't been officially diagnosed, however, there have been accounts where I've have to rearrange or reposition stuff because it would drive me bonkers. Thus #9 comes into play.

17. If I could get Comcast to make a "Choose Your Channels" package, I'd only need Cartoon Network, Boomerang (gotta have my Jetsons!), Nickelodeon, BET, BETJ, VH1, VH1Soul, and TNT (I like ER and Charmed reruns). My bill would be like $18/month, and I'd be in heaven.

18. My favorite TV channel is Cartoon Network. My #1 cartoon of all time is 'A Pup Named Scooby-Doo' tied with 'Dexter's Laboratory.'

19. I write lyrics...you know songs. I can't produce beats yet, but I'm learning! I have even gotten some of my songs sold and onto CDs! I wrote a song for the Christian group, Out of Eden, which they recorded prior to disbanding. If you want to hear it, email me; no, I won't make you go buy the CD.

20. I shop at thrift stores. Yeah, seriously. If vintage is "in," then why pay x amount of dollars for something made to be vintage when you can go get the real deal from Little Five Points? I got a pair of True Religion jeans for my cousin for 37 dollars with the authentic tags from the store still on them. Amen for the rich, because sometimes I'm poor.

21. I love to sing, but I won't sing in front of people, because some people are so critical. And one of my closest friends can really sang, and I look up to him, so I don't want to cop his signature...you feel me? I"m like Ne-Yo: I don't wanna cut an album, just let me write the songs and get my checks. *Look where he is now....maybe I should do a demo, for fun.

22. If you see me with earphones in on campus, I'm probably not even listening to music; I just don't like engaging in conversation en route to class. I'm already usually late.

23. I have returning phone call issues; so much so, I've lost out on relationships because I would never just pick up the phone and call. I thought I was the only one like this, but as it turns out, there are others...but I'll send a text or an email in a minute! Thank God for the BlackBerry....

24. I love to write, to share my triumphs and pitfalls, but I don't like to share my personal poetry often...it reflects too much of myself and I'd feel naked - all flushed with fever. Embarrassed by the crowd LOL

25. From April 2004 - August 2004 while stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas...I had a career as a stripper. That's right....me! I had just gotten back from Iraq the first time and my body was sick! All toned and low body fat, thanks to all that water drinking and sweating. My boy from home was stationed 5 hours away in Colorado, so I'd go hang out with him once a month. My second visit I got propositioned by a young lady who inquired if I was interested in making some money and having fun. Apparently I could dance (and you know the Kid can move a lil' somethin') so the stage was set and "BOY WONDER" was born. Please don't ask who named me....IDK her name, but she tipped me well my 1st show. I drove to CO two weekends a month, and made enough that i didnt have to touch my military pay. Ah, those were good times.

Yes, I saved the best for last.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Celine, Will You Serenade Me?

So I was fortunate enough to be blessed with the opportunity to see one of my favorite singers in concert January 17th in Atlanta....Celine Dion. [Yes, I said it.] Normally, a concert of this magnitude would send my spirit into the stratosphere, but with everything going on - raising Mom, my sister, working all the time, and writing new songs - I didn't have the energy to be excited.

But luckily I have awsome friends. (Whom I will introduce later...)

They boasted me up so much I was estatic by the time it was showtime, and WHAT. A. SHOW! Celine put on a show that was so powerful, the crowd was moved to either cheers or tears. And she sang my favorite song, "To Love You More." I was my first time seeing her live, and I boo-hoo'd during the bridge [my favorite part]. So, if you can catch her in concert....GO! At the end of the show, she sang the Titanic song; EVERYONE sang along, and the entire crowd held the last note like they were in the shower at home, singing along...hilarious! Yet it brought everyone together. I made quite a few new friends that night. I'm looking forward to Jill Scott live next. That'll produce one hell of an eargasm.

Yeah, I had a video in the last post, but after seeing this song performed live, and listening to the words - I had to share it, ya dig? Because "A New Day Has Come!"